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Uploading Images

Artwork for games can be some amazing pieces of work. We love the way artwork makes the programs that use the API look. Without the artwork, we would just have text!

With that being said, we ask that you be smart about the images that you upload. We encourage you to find artwork and create your own, but please don't upload anything that is blurry, pixelated, or any sort of low quality.

One bad image is all it takes to ruin the look of a game. This is also why we ask that you follow the resolution requirements we have set for image types.

Also, DO NOT upload images that contain nudity. This includes animated nudity. Just because it is a cartoon/anime does not make the nudity okay. Keep in mind that people of ALL AGES browse this site, and we need to protect children from viewing material deemed inappropriate by applicable laws.

If you upload an image of poor quality or inappropriate material, your upload privileges will be disallowed.

All Images

Images must be JPG or PNG.

Please try and make each image unique and not simply the same images with different fonts.

While some games do contain nudity please refrain from using images which contain it.

Do not take another artists image to alter them slightly then re-upload them. Some artists have spent a good deal of time on the images they upload and it is not acceptable to alter their work without permission.

Box Art (Front & Rear)

Boxart can have any dimensions, this facilitates populating boxart for games on platforms whose cases come in a variety of form factors.

These images must be in either JPG or PNG format. JPG is preferred as it tends to have a smaller file size than PNG at larger image dimensions and is thus more suitable for transfer over the web and API.

Please try and upload only box art that is clean and unstained, without watermarks, high-quality, and that is for the correct platform for the game entry.

Ideally, we like boxart to be a minimum of 1000px at it's largest side, however we do appreciate that for older games it can be hard to track down scans or reproductions at this size. In this scenario, please go ahead and upload the best size and quality of box art that you can find, as long as a suitable image is not already uploaded for the game in question.

Where possible, try and match the form factors of Front and Rear boxart. Having Front boxart that is jewel case sized, and Rear boxart that is DVD case sized can really spoil a game. In this instance we would prefer not to have the rear boxart, as long as the front boxart matches the form of the official packaging/dimensions of the platform.


BoxartResidentEvil4.jpg BoxartFinalFantasy6.jpg BoxartMarioAllStars.jpg

Fan Art

Images must be JPG.

Fanart must be either 1280x720 or 1920x1080px (HD Dimensions).

Images must be of good quality. We don't want blurry or pixelated images.

Look at the image you're using... Can this be used for more than one game? If you have a picture that is just Mario, you can probably use this as artwork for multiple mario games. This is perfectly acceptable.

However, if artwork is title specific, please don't use it on another title in the game series that it doesn't apply to. This would be something like a picture of a character that shows up in one game like Super Mario Bros. 2, but isn't in Super Mario Bros.

Examples: (click for full-size)

FanartResidentEvil4.jpg FanartFinalFantasy6.jpg FanartMario.jpg

ClearLOGO's must be 400px wide by a maximum of 300px tall.

The only accepted image format for this art type is PNG with transparency.

The image must be on a transparent background, without borders, and must contain the games logo (hence the name).


ClearLogoDoom.png ClearLogoGoldenEye.png ClearLogoCrysis.png


Screenshots must be in JPG format.

There are no size limitations on the dimensions of screenshots, however the file-size must not exceed 2000kb.

Each game can have a maximum of 8 screenshots uploaded.

Screenshots should be of actual gameplay, not in-game FMV or any menu-systems.


Screenshot1.jpg Screenshot2.jpg Screenshot3.jpg


Accepted image formats for banners are JPG and PNG.

Banners strictly must be 760 x 140px.

Where possible, banners should incorporate the game logo, or a character from the game, or both.






Image Sources

Google Image Search




Video Game Museum


Wallpapers Wide

Superb Wallpapers




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