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API Overview

Our API is what makes it possible for you to bring all of this artwork and metadata together and integrate it into your application of choice. You can use any number of programs to scrape from our website via our API. For more information on some of the most widely used programs, check out our showcase page. And for questions about the API, visit our forums.

All of the API methods are currently available in XML, and will soon be available in JSON format (API v2). If you are a designer that has incorporated our API in any way, we would love to showcase it; so please let us know in the developer forum.

Who can use the API?

The API is available for anyone to use, but if you're a developer, we would like you to make an introduction post in our forums. We will be implementing an API key system in our next version of the API, so the developers we know about will get first access to that. We ask that all users read and follow our Terms and Conditions. http://thegamesdb.net/terms/

API v2 (Future)

We will soon begin the process of creating API v2 and restricting the use of the API to members with valid API keys. This is to ensure fair usage of our API and resources. The developers we know about and have worked with previously will get first access to the new API.

Once our next version of the API is written, we will publish information on how to request an API key here.

To ensure that we don't break your applications that use our API, we will most likely allow the current API to exist for a fair transition period, so that you may update your projects to use our upcoming API. Dates and specifics on this will be published beforehand.


Imagine yourself sitting on your couch with your remote in hand. You're browsing through an endless number of video games, all beautifully displayed on your screen with high resolution art work and accurate info. Now stop imagining, and start living the dream!

Some examples of how TheGamesDB's API and database can be used to display artwork and metadata for your games can be found on the API Showcase page. http://thegamesdb.net/showcase/

TheGamesDB.net API can do the following:

> Search for specific games.

> Search for a loose list of games.

> Retrieve artwork locations for games.

> Update user favorites.

> Request all updated or new content since a given date.

> Update user ratings.

Making API Requests

API requests are made by issuing a GET request to the API URL and an XML document is returned.

Base API URL: http://thegamesdb.net/api/

Example Game Search: http://thegamesdb.net/api/GetGamesList.php?name=halo

Specific API Calls Explained

In-depth information on all of the currently available API calls can be found at the following pages:











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