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Our small but dedicated team are constantly continuing development of the site.

These developments include new features, improvements to current features and bug-fixes.

We are always happy to listen to our users requests and are happy to go as far as we can to implement those which are attainable.

Below is a breakdown of all completed and planned Major Milestone releases of the site.

Completed Milestones:

PowerStar.jpg > 0.1 - 0.3: Initial testing and public release.

Bowser.jpg > 0.3.5 (Bowser): Added reporting. Added new game submission page.

Toad.jpg > 0.4 (Toad): Cleaned up unused code. Added major API usability. Added friendly messages.

Luigi.jpg > 0.5 (Luigi): New API calls. Make site more user-friendly.

Mario.jpg > 0.6 (Mario): Face-lifted a lot of UI. New games functionality. Fixed broken visual elements.

Peach.jpg > 0.7 (Peach): This is primarily a facelifted website. Added Platforms support. Adds lots of functionality.

MarioLuigi.jpg > 0.7.5 (Uploader): This release improved the mechanism by which images are uploaded to the site, includes multi-file and drag & drop uploading.

Current Milestone:

DonkeyKong.jpg > 0.8.1 (DonkeyKong): This milestone implemented a moderation system for certain game artwork and included a selection of bug fixes/enhancements.

Future Milestones:

DiddyKong.jpg > 0.8.2 (DiddyKong): This milestone is intended to facilitate the installation and implementation of a dedicated search server to bolster our current mysql implementation.

CandyKong.png > 0.8.3 (CandyKong): This milestone is intended to add community based features to the site, that will provide better communication among users and merits for contributions.

KrankyKong.jpg > 0.8.4 (KrankyKong): This milestone is intended to fulfill all issues regarding the creation of API v2, which will boast JSON & XML responses.

FunkyKong.jpg > 0.8.5 (FunkyKong): This milestone is intended to add support for Actors/Voice Actors to the site, and also fulfil a handful of necessary fixes & enhancements.

DixieKong.jpg > 0.8.6 (DixieKong): This milestone is intended to contain a variety of small features, enhancements, bug fixes and general housekeeping issues to tie-off the 0.8.x branch.

StarFox.jpg > 0.9.1 (StarFox): Housekeeping, some general features and all bugfixes preparing for final 1.0 release.

MarioBlock.jpg > 1.0 (T.B.A): A feature complete, entirely stable release consisting of all works and improvements to date.

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